We help great leaders maximize results and achieve Harmony at Work by going beyond the traditional approach to inclusion and accessibility compliance.

Our suite of training, consulting, and design services helps companies become more inclusive, effective, and profitable across all lines of business.

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Our services drive unprecedented levels of engagement, productivity, collaboration, loyalty, and revenue through Common Sense Design


We guide the design of brands, products, and environments that transcend “access” or “inclusion” to instead create seamless, fully-shared, collective experiences for all people – including people with disabilities. LEARN MORE


Our Software as a Service delivers employee training across multiple geographies and business units that is engaging for all employees, while also complying with accessibility standards for employees with disabilities. LEARN MORE


We work with business teams to design collaborative, productive, innovative workplaces – leveraging processes and systems that enable employees from different cultures, backgrounds, perspectives, and functional abilities to thrive. LEARN MORE


Our research pinpoints valuable opportunities and critical problems in digital and physical products. Using neuro-psychological and cognitive design techniques, we help transform them to attract and meaningfully engage all people. LEARN MORE

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Common Sense Design

We believe that all human beings are unique, with differing functional and sensory strengths and weaknesses. Yet the essential aspects of the human experience – emotion, struggle, success – unite us all.

Products, environments, and services can connect all people in a shared human experience by engaging each person’s strongest combination of senses and abilities. This is Common Sense Design.

It is the core of who we are and what we do. All of our work – every service, each choice – is driven by this vision.

Founded in Experience. Rooted in Passion.

David Fazio founded Helix Opportunity based on his passion of driving society toward a more inclusive and meaningful relationship with all of humanity and its various forms of abilities.

The company’s proprietary processes and services are built on decades of experience, coupled with a deeply personal understanding. Traditional approaches to accessibility often create “separate but equal” customer experiences that are boring and unattractive at best, or counterproductive and alienating at worst. Drawing on personal experience and the latest research in neuro-psychological and cognitive science, Mr. Fazio developed the Common Sense Design process to focus on the benefits to be gained from a true shared experience.

Organizations ranging from the U.S. Air Force, the American Federation of Government Employees, and leading global corporations have realized the benefits for their teams, environments, and products.


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